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🌟 Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery Since 1993 💖

In my career as a certified Psychologist (2005), every milestone has been a stepping stone on the path of personal development. But even before then, from the tender age of 12, I was already consciously breaking through patterns that I deamed as harmful and something I didn't want to burden my future children with 🌿✨

Woven into the fabric of my life are the threads of a stressful childhood, Family troubles, chronic pain and health issues, and a significant loss, that lead me on this journey of self-discovery and helped me unveil my spiritual & healing gifts.

Exploring the intricacies of my own Soul's Blueprint and Human Design has gifted me with a profound ability to guide others on their mission here on earth. 🌌💖


My purpose is to help you, yes YOU, overcome obstacles, transcend limitations, and weave a Dream Life of fulfillment, love, success, satisfaction, connection, authenticity, purpose, joy, and FREEDOM.

I specialize in crafting personalized plans, offering the tools and resources you need to navigate the unique contours of your desired goals. My work is rooted in providing steadfast guidance, direction, and reassurance, so you can reconnect with your Inner Compass on your journey of remembrance. 🌟🔧

Together, we'll uncover the delicate balance between leadership and allowance. Delving into the core roots of your challenges, I'll help you overcome them and hone in on your strengths with unwavering confidence. 🌿💪

And then, dear Dreamweaver, you'll be ready and have the tools to fully embrace the radiant authenticity of who you are and step into the canvas of your Dream Life. Whatever that may be for YOU. 🌟🌈💖

#JourneyOfSelfDiscovery #HolisticGuidance #SoulBlueprint #DreamLifeNavigator 🚀💖


"Living in the moment is a gift.

That’s why we call it the present."

My Story so far

It took a long time for me to discover who I really AM and let myself just "BE". It's an ongoing journey that is both challenging and exciting. I have always been a go-getter who forced her way through life. What that got me was a lot of accomplishments. But also... a massive burn-out in 2010.

From that period I learned a lot about myself and how to overcome the obstacles and binds that my past had put on me. I had to break through patterns and make difficult choices. I had to learn to trust my intuition and follow my heart. I had to find the right balance...

Every choice I had ever made that I considered to be "the sensible" one, while my gut told me otherwise...led to heartache and pain. I learned the hard way, with my body as my faithful ally, to never do things that don't align with my intuition. 

I learned my lessons the hard way. For some people, like me, that sometimes works best, as we can be very strong-willed and stubborn 😉 But I really wish I would have had somebody to mentor me back then the way I now support others. I'd love to save you years of agony and dead ends. If you let me 😊

What you can expect


I'll teach you how to get rid of stagnant energy, process emotions, and clear limiting beliefs so your true self can shine through and you're free to create the life you desire. 


I'll show you how to embrace your true self, when to take the lead and when to surrender. You'll be able to appreciate every experience in life so you you can finally see how powerful and limitless you are.


We uncover your deepest fears and your strengths so you can focus on your goals and what you CAN do instead of what you CAN'T.


I support you every step of the way while you're taking massive, aligned, inspired action so you can lead your life with the right tools and the confidence you know how to use them.

Education & Working Experience


Master's Degree in Psychology
Leiden University

Fulltime study of clinical and health psychology.

I've been working as a psychologist since 2007.


Akashic Record Practitioner

Andrrea Hess, Emily Blatt

The course by Emily Blatt was on how to open and read the Akashic Records. For me it was an addition to the Soul Realignment Course I took in 2017 with Andrrea Hess.

And many, MANY, more. Learning is my passion. I'm a life-long student. Honing in on my craft, being broadly oriented and skilled. For my full education and working experience, please click below. It will be updated regularly.

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