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Most people know something about breathing exercises and techniques.

Who hasn't heard of people like Wim Hoff nowadays?

Throughout my work as a psychologist I have offered a variety of breathing practices

to help people calm their nervous system and relax.

I am a singer, so I know how important breath is from that perspective as well.

Do you have any idea how often I have to remind my clients to "just breathe"??? 😆

But did you know that we can use our breath to do transformational work as well?

That it can clear stuck energies and limiting beliefs on a cellular level?

I love breathwork because of it's power and because it's easy to implement.

You have your breath with you. Always.

I also infuse it with other powerful modalities which I intuitively hand pick for you.


Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Online

Extra: Recording of the session

Investment: €455,-

If you'd like to have "a taste" first,

please consider testing the waters with a prerecorded

session (in Dutch) that you can find here.

If you decide to purchase a 1:1 session after you've

tried the recording, you'll get €72,- of your investment

back as a discount for the 1:1 session (so your price

will be €383,-)

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