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Yoni Healing Workshop

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The womb is the center of your creative power. It's the birthplace of literally everything. It's also the most neglected and mistreated part of your body... With centuries of emotional abuse that is energetically stored in there. Can you imagine how hard it must be to birth (attract, manifest) anything when the portal is clogged and full of trauma and negative emotions? In this workshop you're gonna strengthen the relationship between you and your yoni (internal and external reproductive organs). Womb healing is the biggest part of this workshop. Imagine claiming your feminine power and creating more balance, zest for life, softness, creativity, and self-confidence in one single workshop that you can revisit and repeat as often as you like! Although this workshop holds great healing potential for all areas of life (including the physical body) there's no way of telling which areas will actually be impacted and how. Just be open and gentle with yourself! The workshop consists of a guided meditation, activation and recommended practices/tips. Language: English. Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for medical care. It's an invitation and opportunity to investigate your complaints from a broader perspective. Always consult a doctor first if you have any health-related issues or complaints.

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