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"Gratitude" is a practical guide to appreciate life as it is and open the door to positive experiences. It's 90 pages of valuable information and practical action steps.


Ever since I started working as a psychologist I used self-made hand-outs to support my clients in doing their "homework". The fact that these sheets were custom made and based on my knowledge and experience made them very personal and dear to me. They aso helped my clients to stay motivated. They now had a summary of what we had discussed in our session and a simple reminder with practical tools to use at home.


In this (work)book I bundled all the information and exercises about GRATITUDE I've used through the years, for my clients and myself, and now I now want to share them with you!


I believe GRATITUDE is the key ingredient to happiness, health and manifesting your desires. It's a practice you can start at any moment, regardless of your circumstances. This (work)book will help you do just that!

eBook - Gratitude - The Key to Happiness, Health, and Manifesting your Desires

9,00 €Price
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