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Quantum Human Design is often called the “new Astrology,” and the “intersection of science and spirituality.”


Quantum Human Design teaches you to look at your Human Design Chart (your personal “map”) as a story. Over the course of your life, you’ve been told a story of who you are. Maybe that story led down a career path that isn’t really making your soul soar.

Maybe your story has you living out patterns that keep you from believing you can have what you really want in your life. Maybe the story you’ve been trying to keep up with all your life isn’t even really your story.


What is in this report:


TYPE - Your Type is the hard wiring of your energetic configuration and your unique way of interacting with the world.


STRATEGY - A Strategy is a unique way of making decisions and taking action in the world. Strategy is the MOST IMPORTANT knowledge piece to put into play, practice and experiment with living out in your everyday life.


AUTHORITY - Authority determines the WAY you use your Strategy.


PROFILES - Your Profile shows you the character you are here to play in this incarnation.


CENTERS - Each Center carries a certain frequency of energy and relates to specific themes in our lives.


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HD Report - Your Personalized QHD™ Detailed Report

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