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🌟 Your Human Design Manual 🌟

A manual through which you'll discover exactly who you are, what amazingness you're meant to experience, and how to live a life on your terms.

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Who it's for

This offer is for you if you

🌟are ready to dive in deeper into your design (or maybe of your child or your partner).

🌟 want a personalized written report, a personal manual, that contains the information about who you really are.

The contents of your manual:

Your energy type





Defined centers

Undefined centers


All your channels

All your gates


Special Bonus:

Design Sense


What you'll get

In your tailor-made Human Design manual you will gain insight into the following themes:

Your unique qualities and talents

How to recognize your truth and your intuition, so you can always make the right and authentic choices

How you can best navigate through life

What conditioning you might have received from your environment

The impact you have on others

What your unique role and contribution is in this life

And more!

YES! I Want That!

You can pre-order this reading by sending me an email.

Please email me your name, address and full birth data (birth date, location, and time). You'll then receive an invoice. After payment you'll be the first in line to receive your manual in pdf through email!

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