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Projector, Aries, the Dreamer

🌟 Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery Since 1993 💖

In my career as a certified Psychologist (2005), every milestone has been a stepping stone on the path of personal development. But even before then, from the tender age of 12, I was already consciously breaking through patterns that I deamed as harmful and something I didn't want to burden my future children with 🌿✨

Woven into the fabric of my life are the threads of a stressful childhood, Family troubles, chronic pain and health issues, and a significant loss, that lead me on this journey of self-discovery and helped me unveil my unique gifts.

Exploring the intricacies of my own Soul's Blueprint and Human Design has gifted me with a profound ability to guide others on their mission here on earth. 🌌💖


My purpose is to help you, yes YOU, overcome obstacles, transcend limitations, and weave a Dream Life of fulfillment, love, success, satisfaction, connection, authenticity, purpose, joy, and FREEDOM.

I specialize in crafting personalized plans, offering the tools and resources you need to navigate the unique contours of your desired goals. My work is rooted in providing steadfast guidance, direction, and reassurance, so you can reconnect with your Inner Compass on your journey of remembrance. 🌟🔧

Together, we'll uncover the delicate balance between leadership and allowance. Delving into the core roots of your challenges, I'll help you overcome them and hone in on your strengths with unwavering confidence. 🌿💪

And then, dear Dreamweaver, you'll be ready and have the tools to fully embrace the radiant authenticity of who you are and step into the canvas of your Dream Life. Whatever that may be for YOU. 🌟🚀💖​

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