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After viewing your chart, you can scroll down to find my free and paid reports.

One of the reports that is available for purchase is made by Karen Curry Parker, founder of Quantum Human Design, which explains human design in slightly different language. Please know that I'm trained in the traditional school of Human Design, not in QHD. 


The free report about parenting is meant to provide you with valuable information about your child(ren). Please make sure to run a chart with their birth details to get insight into their design. 

Please note that the precise birth time matters!

Your Design Holds the Key to your Highest Potential 

Each of us possesses the entirety of the chart. The areas where we are defined (colored in) represent what we inherently contribute to the world, while the open areas (white spaces) symbolize where we receive energy from others and gain wisdom. However, these open areas are also where we're most susceptible to outside influences (aka conditioning).

Discovering our authentic path involves using our strategy and authority. It's through this process that we align with our true selves.

It's crucial to remember that your chart is merely a tool. You're not defined by it. The purpose of Human Design is to assess all aspects of you: to look beyond your chart's elements through experimentation and reflection to uncover how they interact to express your unique essence and guide you toward the life you're meant to lead.

Many people initially find their charts confusing, overwhelming, or even frustrating. There's no single correct approach to understanding your design. If you feel drawn to seek support and clarity on your journey of self-discovery, I invite you to explore (one of) my reports and/or reach out to me for personal guidance.

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