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You Were Loved

You're a Visionary, a Changemaker,
and you DREAM
of fulfilling your
MISSION here on earth.

You're struggling to turn your desire into reality.

You want to live a life of purpose.

Your past wounds and emotional baggage

hinder your ability to see things clearly.

Wrestling with limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

Battling the fear of making mistakes.

You want to make conscious, heart-centered decisions

but are lacking the tools to do so.


Believe me...
Been there, done that!

Working harder, beating yourself up, forcing your way through life

doesn't work in the long run.

You don't have to become perfect

(in my eyes you already are, flaws and all!).

 You want your journey to be an uplifting experience

that brings feelings of satisfaction, harmony, and delight with it.

You want Ease, Freedom,
Love, and Joy.

And I'm here to tell you... with some guidance...

your pursuit of fulfillment, your piece of Paradise, your Dream Life, will become a tangible reality.

Repeat after me:

I absolutely CAN have it ALL.

It is SAFE for me to go after my DREAMS.

Everything always works out for me.


Do You Want to
Transform Your Life?

Hi, I'm Kinga de Wit, a holistic therapist.

I combine practical tools with intuitive wisdom in a unique, down to earth & magical way, to support people (you!) in creating the Lifestyle they've been dreaming of.

This is EXACTLY what I am doing in my own life as well. I have achieved everything I wanted and I'm excited about what's to come!

And I believe that you were called to visit me here for a reason.

So welcome.

It would be my honor to be your guide 😊




Here's the deal...

The Soul Compass is about so much MORE than "just" living your DREAM LIFE. This is about ALLOWING your authentic greatness to shine through. It's about showing OTHERS it's ok to shine too!

You'll be living proof of what is possible, not only for YOU, but everyone around you. With your authentic and balanced attitude towards life you'll be an INSPIRATION for others. You'll uplift whoever accepts your example as a permission to RISE. Your dream life will not only be the testimony of your alignment with your DESTINY. It will be your LEGACY for the world and FUTURE GENERATIONS.

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You're always so positive and you seem to have a solution for every problem. No matter what kind of obstacles I came to you with, you taught me how to see them for the excuses en limiting beliefs that they were. Thank you for that. I feel I can take on any challenge now! 


I love how you incorporate your own experience into your teachings. That no-nonsense approach is what reeled me in and it didn't disappoint!

I felt confident I could apply the tools because you knew what you were talking about. You're the real deal!


All my life I had done things by myself. Admitting that I needed help to take the next step in business and life, wasn't easy. I am so glad I reached out to you! Without your guidance and wisdom I'd still be stuck in the hamster wheel I so desperately fought to get out of! Now I know how to stop fighting and allow ;) Thank you!


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