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Create the Life and Business you were Designed for.

Awaken to a more aligned and intentional way of living, create your Heart-led business, and activate your highest potential.

Your Human Design and Inner Compass

can lead the way to your

New Paradigm/New Earth

Living, Parenting, and Career.


Start remembering


by creating your

FREE Human Design Chart.

Your Human Design is the energetic blueprint of who you are meant to be.

Our whole lives we are bombarded with all sorts of advice on how to navigate life and achieve success, but Human Design flips the script. It reminds us that there's no one-size-fits-all formula for happiness and fulfillment.

And that it's crucial for our happiness and fulfillment to live intentionally.

That means making decisions that are truly your own and building a life that

YOU DESIRE, not what others (or you) expect of you.

Human Design acts as your guide, unveiling your natural talents and characteristics,

paving the way for you to embrace your authentic self

and building the life, relationships, and career that you are designed for.

Because let's face it, being true to yourself is the ultimate shortcut to living your dream life.

I'm Kinga, your Guide

I'm here to reconnect you with your BEST SELF, realign you with your INNER COMPASS,

and propel you towards your DREAMS.


The Next Step...

Client Love

"For the first time in my life I understand that what I've been doing my whole life was going against my nature and this is why I've been feeling burned-out 1-3 times a year. And now, for the first time in my life, I have balance."

FREE Resources

3 Ways to improve your Health


Overwhelm and Pressure

Immune System

Generate your chart, then scroll down and click on "download now".

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Discover the 9 Super Powers of Your Child

Discover how to support your child in 9 different ways!

Generate your child's chart, then scroll down and click on "download now".

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"If anyone ever asks you what is Human Design,

you tell them it’s about learning

how to make a decision as yourself.”

~Ra Uru Hu

Private FaceBook Group

If you'd like to be part of a Human Design community and get more insight into your unique energetic blueprint, you're welcome to join my private group!

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